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Dear Chris: Sounds interesting. I noted that you talked about this work as
biography, and then shifted as though this was about someone else - not you.
When you spoke of "the child" and "her" in seemed like another person. I
wrote about my experiences growing up in an old left family many years ago in
a book entitled Out of the Whale which was published by Links Books in 1974.
I wondered how you felt about the phrase "red diaper baby." Some people seem
very comfortable with it, and others feel its pejorative. Good luck, Jonah

Date: 3/19/96 10:13 AM
To: Jonah Raskin
I am trying to get in touch with other red diaper babies out there. I
have just submitted a manuscript which is biographical dealing with my
family's attempt to escape persecution during the McCarthy years told
from the point of view of the child who is only partially aware of what
is going on and how those years continue to affect her family even into
the present (1970's). I would be interested in hearing from any of you
who have similar experiences to tell or information to share.
Chris Christie

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Linn Shapiro and Judy Kaplan have submitted a collection of writings about
red diaper babies to a publisher. You should get in touch with them. I
can give you their addresses by private post if you're interested.