Re: red diaper babies

Kali Tal (
Thu, 21 Mar 1996 18:19:03 -0500

Michael Etchison, and SIXTIES-L subscribers:

This message was forwarded to the SIXTIES-L in error by a technical staff
member of IATH who was trying to clear up some problems with the listproc.
None of the SIXTIES-L moderators would ever, under any circumstances, have
forwarded this post, which falls outside the parameters of the list,
consisting as it does, of an unsupported and vicious attack upon an entire
group of persons. I have seldom seen any submission which so clearly falls
into the "flame" category. Any subsequent posts by Mr. Etchison or other
listmembers will be subject to the usual rules of moderation which we
maintain on SIXTIES-L.

My sincerest apologies go to our SIXTIES-L listmembers for subjecting them
to this post. Please don't bother replying to it on the list (though you
may certainly send your comments to Mr. Etchison personally), since we will
not allow this error on our part to become an opportunity for a flame war.
We welcome continued discussion on the topic of red diaper babies, as long
as it conforms to the parameters of the SIXTIES-L.

Kali Tal

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