Re: Art in the sixties

Elizabeth Gips (
Sun, 21 Jan 1996 16:29:35 -0500

>I believe that a list of great artists in the 60's has to include some of the
>"underground" comic book artists.

Mr. Natural ("Keep on trucking....") was a comic book symbol for the
disaffection of the hippies with the establishment.

There has been no mention of the psychedelic artists, many of whom did
remarkable posters and/or art for The San Francisco Oracle under the
direction of Allen Cohen (by the way, I assume that you are all aware of
Allen Cohen's C.D. Rom on the 60's or perhaps have heard and seen his
amazing slide show!) Chet Helms, of The Family Dog, now re-opened with the
original people doing the liquid light shows, would also know many names.
There was also an exhibit of posters at The Oakland Art Museum not too
long ago, and I believe that a place called The Pychedelic Gallery is open
by appointment in New York City.
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