Art in the sixties
Fri, 19 Jan 1996 10:46:02 -0500

I believe that a list of great artists in the 60's has to include some of the
"underground" comic book artists. Like the "free presses" that were
springing up, comics were an accessible form of artistic expression. Comics,
and graphic arts are often considered "low art" (the name of an exhibit at
the Museum of Modern Art). Sometimes I think this is because they actually
reach a lot of people (both through their medium and their message). But to
me, this is definitely HIGH art!
I nominate R. Crumb, S. Clay Wilson
But would also hate to leave out: Gilbert Shelton, Spain, Bill Griffiths,
Dave Sheridan, Moscoso, Robert WIlliams to name a few of the incredible
artists who sprang up in the 60's and created incredible art.

- Lani