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Thu, 18 Jan 1996 08:24:04 -0500

>it does not help me that I have an Uncle who
>in his formative years as a ShrinkWrapper had
>been involved with some of the LSD testing,
>but we all have Black Sheep in our Families

>Shall we say, it ranks as perchance my second most amusing
>memory of that Struggle, out ranked solely by the time that
>the "T-men" showed up, passed our three Joints to WARN US ALL
>what the Dangerous Marijuana was all about and got back 5 joints...

I have been moderately silent on this post because my experiences of the
60s are so dramatically different from the general tone of your concerns.
However, I did live in a closet of The Haight Ashbury Free Clinic for a
month because I had paid rent on it as well as David Smith. At the time
two young medical people who had come out with "research" on the terrible
dangers of LSD called the Clinic. They were vainly trying to abrogate the
publicity surrounding their study, and they couldn't stop it although the
said the so-called research was in fact false. No media at all would listen
to them.

Drieux's story above reminds me of the time Stephen Gaskin had about 50 of
us hippies nude on Mount Tamalpais passing joints in a circle. The police
came and leaned against a fence no more than 50 feet away, staring at us.
"Don't move," said Stephen, "they can't break through our 'high'".
They glared at us a few minutes - we were stark naked in public - and then

By the way, with all the scholarly debate about Vietnam, let me tell you
that we hippies were convinced 1) that in spite of its horrors, Vietnam
introduced marijuana into main stream America and therefore had its
redeeming side and 2) that our constant political protests and meditations
against the war were actually responsible for ending it. I understand that
that is a whole other reality, but it was real for us then.

"Kind prince," continued Lao Tse, "there is nothing in the realm of ideas
that is absolute, therefore all efforts to form idealogies are ultimately
futile." Lao Tse from the Hua Hu Ching
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