The War on Drugs

drieux H. (
Tue, 16 Jan 1996 13:23:26 -0500


it does not help me that I have an Uncle who
in his formative years as a ShrinkWrapper had
been involved with some of the LSD testing,
but we all have Black Sheep in our Families I guess,
but the Real Bone of contention is the apocraphyl study
that was a running Gag through out the early years of
the war on drugs, namely that it showed the statistical
correlation between babies that started out as bottle
fed going on to the harder stuff like HEROIN.

does anyone know if those numbers were actually produced,
or was it merely a rhetorical device that evolved upward
to LEGEND status in retort to the early War on Drugs?

Shall we say, it ranks as perchance my second most amusing
memory of that Struggle, out ranked solely by the time that
the "T-men" showed up, passed our three Joints to WARN US ALL
what the Dangerous Marijuana was all about and got back 5 joints...