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Kali Tal (
Thu, 18 Jan 1996 08:20:41 -0500

Sixties Folk,

I'd like to update you all on the progress of the Sixties Project WWW site.

The home page location of the Sixties Project web site is:

There are now hundreds of articles, personal narratives, stories and poems
on the site--the entire contents of _Viet Nam Generation_ Volumes 3:3, 3:4,
4:1-2, and the _Viet Nam Generation Big Book: Nobody Gets Off the Bus_
(5:1-4). You can browse the tables of contents of these issue, or go
directly an index of articles by either author or title. We also maintain a
list of book, film, music and multimedia reviews. I'll be adding other back
issues of the journal as I find the time.

John Unsworth and Dot Akinola of IATH have kindly restructured the archives
of the SIXTIES-L discussion list so you may now browse them by subject
header. The location of archives is:


And I've added two valuable resources to the site, under a brand new menu
item on the home page called "References, Bibliographies and Historical
Documents." The first new resource is a glossary of Viet Nam war slang and
military terminology. It's location is:

Finally, I've added the remarkable Viet Nam War literature bibliography
compiled by David Willson with Nancy Kendall, _The REMF Bibliography_. (If
you don't know what REMF means you can look it up in the Glossary.) The
location of the bibliography is:

More bibliographies and filmographies will follow.

You'll notice, under our menu for "References," that there's a category
called "Primary Documents" which doesn't have any links yet. I'll be
putting the entire text of the Winter Soldier Investigation up there soon,
as well as other basic primary documents ranging from the Black Panther
Party platform to the Port Huron Statement.

I'd like to urge SIXTIES-L subscribers to send us copies of their course
syllabi (preferably over email to save us the time of typesetting them), so
we can add them to our site.

If you've never visited the Sixties Project WWW site, or if you haven't
checked it out in a while, it will be worth your while to take a look.

Kali Tal
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