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Announcing the
2004 Digital Humanities / Humanities Computing Summer Institute
University of Victoria, June 25-30, 2004

* Mandate
The mandate of the institute is to provide an environment ideal to discuss,
to learn about, and to advance skills in the new computing technologies
that influence the way in which those in the Arts and Humanities carry out
their teaching and research today. The institute will take place across a
week of intensive coursework, seminar participation, and lectures, and it
will bring together faculty, staff, and graduate student theorists,
experimentalists, technologists, and administrators from different areas of
the Arts and Humanities -- plus members of the digital library, library,
and archival studies community, and beyond -- to share ideas and methods,
and to develop expertise in applying advanced technologies to their
teaching and research.

* Host and Sponsors
The institute is hosted by UVic's Faculty of Humanities and its Humanities
Computing and Media Centre, and is sponsored also by Malaspina U-C, the
Consortium for Computing in the Humanities / Consortium pour ordinateurs en
sciences humaines, the Association for Computers and the Humanities, the
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) Image,
Text, Sound and Technology Strategic Research Grant program, and others.

* Curriculum
Introductory offerings include:
   [1] Text Encoding Fundamentals and their Application
     (instructed by Julia Flanders [Brown U], with Barbara Bond [U
Victoria]), and
   [2] Digitisation Fundamentals and their Application
     (instructed by Marshall Soules and CDHI staff [Malaspina U-C]).

Intermediate offerings include:
   [3] Computer-Assisted Textual Analysis
     (instructed by Stéfan Sinclair [U Alberta], with Matt Jockers [Stanford
   [4] Intermediate Encoding: Advanced TEI Encoding Issues, Metadata, Text
Transformations, and Databases
     (instructed by Susan Schreibman [U Maryland], with Amit Kumar [U
Maryland]), and
   [5] Multimedia: Design for Visual, Auditory, and Interactive Electronic
     (instructed by Aimée Morrison [U Waterloo] and Stan Ruecker [U Alberta]).

Advanced Consultations include:
   [6] Large Project Planning, Funding, and Management
     (seminar leaders include Ian Lancashire [U Toronto], John Willinsky [U
British Columbia],
      Geoffrey Rockwell [McMaster U], Susan Schreibman [U Maryland], and
Julia Flanders [Brown U];
      facilitated by Ray Siemens [Malaspina U-C]), and
   [7] Curriculum Development
     (seminar leaders include Michael Best [U Victoria], Geoffrey Rockwell
[McMaster U],
      Stéfan Sinclair [U Alberta], and Aimée Morrison [U Waterloo];
facilitated by Ray
      Siemens [Malaspina U-C]).

* Registration Fees ($ CDN)
Standard registration fees for the six days of the institute will be $950
for faculty and staff, and $450 for students, if booked before April 30;
fees are slightly more if booked after that date, and are reduced for
members of sponsoring institutions.

* Website
For further details -- such as the list of speakers, a tentative schedule,
the registration form, and accommodation information -- see the institute's
website, at this URL: http://web.uvic.ca/hrd/institute/ .


On behalf of all those involved in the institute, I invite you to consider joining us, and anticipate welcoming you to the institute this summer.

With all best wishes,

Ray Siemens Director

_____________ R.G. Siemens English, Malaspina University-College, Nanaimo, BC, Canada. V9R 5S5. Office: 335/120. Phone: (250)753-3245, x2046. Fax: (250) 740-6459. siemensr@mala.bc.ca http://purl.oclc.org/NET/R_G_Siemens.htm </x-flowed>

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