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Volume 3009 Volume 3009/2004 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science is now

This issue contains:

A Model for the Implementation of Software Process Improvement: An
Empirical Study p. 1
Mahmood Niazi, David Wilson, Didar Zowghi, Bernard Wong

Does Use of Development Model Affect Estimation Accuracy and Bias? p. 17
Kjetil Moløkken, Anette C. Lien, Magne Jørgensen, Sinan S. Tanilkan, Hans
Gallis, Siw E. Hove

Managing Software Process Improvement (SPI) through Statistical Process
(SPC) p. 30
Teresa Baldassarre, Nicola Boffoli, Danilo Caivano, Giuseppe Visaggio

Towards Hypotheses on Creativity in Software Development p. 47
Mingyang Gu, Xin Tong

Using Software Inspection as a Catalyst for SPI in a Small Company p. 62
Lasse Harjumaa, Ilkka Tervonen, Pekka Vuorio

Comparing Global (Multi-site) SPI Program Activities to SPI Program
Models p. 76
Atte Kinnula, Marianne Kinnula

Starting SPI from Software Configuration Management: A Fast Approach for an
Organization to Realize the Benefits of SPI p. 92
Kunihiko Ikeda, Yasuyuki Akamatsu

Evaluating the Calmness of Ubiquitous Applications p. 105
Jukka Riekki, Pekka Isomursu, Minna Isomursu

Quality Attributes in Mobile Web Application Development p. 120
Axel Spriestersbach, Thomas Springer

Introducing Quality System in Small and Medium Enterprises: An Experience
Report p. 131
Lerina Aversano, Gerardo Canfora, Giovanni Capasso, Giuseppe A. Di Lucca,
Corrado A. Visaggio

Definition and Empirical Validation of Metrics for Software Process
Models p. 146
Félix García, Francisco Ruiz, Mario Piattini

Multiview Framework for Goal Oriented Measurement Plan Design p. 159
Pasquale Ardimento, Maria Teresa Baldassarre, Danilo Caivano, Giuseppe

Eliminating Over-Confidence in Software Development Effort Estimates p. 174
Magne Jørgensen, Kjetil Moløkken

Measuring the Object-Oriented Properties in Small Sized C++ Programs ­ An
Investigation p. 185
S. Kanmani, V. Rhymend Uthariaraj, V. Sankaranarayanan, P. Thambidurai

An Empirical Investigation on the Impact of Training-by-Examples on Inspection
Performance p. 203
Atiq Chowdhury, Lesley Pek Wee Land

Refactoring Support Based on Code Clone Analysis p. 220
Yoshiki Higo, Toshihiro Kamiya, Shinji Kusumoto, Katsuro Inoue

Introducing the Next Generation of Software Inspection Tools p. 234
Henrik Hedberg

Intelligent Support for Software Release Planning p. 248
No First Name Given Amandeep, Günther Ruhe, Mark Stanford

An Empirical Evaluation of Predicting Runaway Software Projects Using Bayesian
Classification p. 263
Osamu Mizuno, Takanari Hamasaki, Yasunari Takagi, Tohru Kikuno

Effort Estimation Based on Collaborative Filtering p. 274
Naoki Ohsugi, Masateru Tsunoda, Akito Monden, Ken-ichi Matsumoto

Effective Software Project Management Education through Simulation Models: An
Externally Replicated Experiment p. 287
D. Rodríguez, M. Satpathy, D. Pfahl

Software Engineering Research Strategy: Combining Experimental and Explorative
Research (EER) p. 302
Markku Oivo, Pasi Kuvaja, Petri Pulli, Jouni Similä

Automatic Measurement at Nokia Mobile Phones: A Case of SDL Based Software
Development p. 318
Minna Pikkarainen, Matias Vierimaa, Hannu Tanner, Raija Suikki

Using a Reference Application with Design Patterns to Produce Industrial
Software p. 333
Marek Vokác, Oluf Jensen

Using RUP for Process-Oriented Organisations p. 348
João M. Fernandes, Francisco J. Duarte

Web-Based System Development: Status in the Norwegian IT Organizations p. 363
Jianyun Zhou, Tor Stålhane

Achieving CMMI Level 2 with Enhanced Extreme Programming Approach p. 378
Tuomo Kähkönen, Pekka Abrahamsson

Usability Assessment of an Extreme Programming Project: Close Co-operation
with the
Customer Does Not Equal to Good Usability p. 393
Timo Jokela, Pekka Abrahamsson

Empirical Evaluation of Agile Software Development: The Controlled Case Study
Approach p. 408
Outi Salo, Pekka Abrahamsson

Good-Enough Software Process in Nokia p. 424
Kari Känsälä

An Ideal Process Model for Agile Methods p. 431
Marcello Visconti, Curtis R. Cook

Experimental Development of a Prototype for Mobile Environmental
Information Systems
(MEIS) p. 442
Ari Keronen, Mauri Myllyaho, Pasi Alatalo, Markku Oivo, Harri Antikainen,
Jarmo Rusanen

Selecting CMMI Appraisal Classes Based on Maturity and Openness p. 457
Stig Larsson, Fredrik Ekdahl

Combining Capability Assessment and Value Engineering: A BOOTSTRAP
Example p. 471
Pasi Ojala

Assessing the State of Software Documentation Practices p. 485
Marcello Visconti, Curtis R. Cook

Requirements Prioritization Challenges in Practice p. 497
Laura Lehtola, Marjo Kauppinen, Sari Kujala

A Requirement Elicitation Method in Collaborative Software Development
Community p. 509
Masatoshi Shimakage, Atsuo Hazeyama

Development of a Normative Package for Safety-Critical Software Using
Formal Regulatory
Requirements p. 523
Sergiy A. Vilkomir, Aditya K. Ghose

A Study of Developer Attitude to Component Reuse in Three IT Companies p. 538
Jingyue Li, Reidar Conradi, Parastoo Mohagheghi, Odd Are Sæhle, Øivind
Wang, Erlend Naalsund, Ole Anders Walseth

Managing COTS Components Using a Six Sigma-Based Process p. 553
Alejandra Cechich, Mario Piattini

Using Dynamic Modeling and Simulation to Improve the COTS Software
Process p. 568
Mercedes Ruiz, Isabel Ramos, Miguel Toro

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