17.701 CATaC'04: Cultural Attitudes towards Technology and Communication

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*** SAVE and Register Early by 16 April 2004 ***

International Conference on
27 June - 1 July 2004, Karlstad, Sweden
Conference theme: Off the shelf or from the ground up?
ICTs and cultural marginalization, homogenization or hybridization

Website: www.it.murdoch.edu.au/catac/

The biennial CATaC conference series continues to provide an international
forum for the presentation and discussion of current research on how
diverse cultural attitudes shape the implementation and use of information
and communication technologies (ICTs). Understanding the role of culture in
how far minority and/or indigenous cultural groups may succeed - or fail -
in taking up ICTs designed for a majority culture is obviously crucial to
the moral and political imperative of designing ICTs in ways that will not
simply reinforce such groups' marginalization. What is the role of culture
in the development of ICTs "from the ground up" - beginning with the local
culture and conditions - rather than assuming dominant "off the shelf"
technologies are appropriate? Are the empowering potentials of ICTs
successfully exploited among minority and indigenous groups, and/or do they
rather engender cultural marginalization, cultural homogenization or
cultural hybridization?

Until 16 April 2004, the conference registration fee is USD375 with further
discounts for authors (one author discount fee per paper), reviewers and
full-time students. After 16 April, each fee type will increase by USD50.
Registration fees include technical sessions, panels, conference dinner and
transport, reception, print proceedings, lunches, morning and afternoon

See the registration form on the conference website for more information


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