17.635 MLA cfp: Computing/Theorizing/Communicating

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         From: "Ray Siemens" <siemensr@MALA.BC.CA>
         Subject: Computing/Theorizing/Communicating (MLA 2004)

CFP: Computing/Theorizing/Communicating

How do we, both consciously and unconsciously, shape our tools and vice
versa? The Computer Studies in Language and Literature Discussion Group
of the Modern Language Association invites papers for the 2004 MLA
Conference (Philadelphia, 27-30 Dec) on the subject of the causal
relationship between computing tools and research and/or pedagogy. More
specifically, we seek papers that explore impacts of computing tools
(e.g., databases, text analysis software, multimedia, etc.) on
theorizing research, teaching, and communication between language and
literature researchers, students, and the wider community. The arenas
of application might include, but are not necessarily limited to,
literary, composition, rhetoric, film, archival, stylistic, or
linguistic studies. We especially hope to encourage the submission of
abstracts that recognize and explore the ways in which the tools shape
the discipline and/or theory.

Abstracts by 1 Mar; Donald E. Hardy (Don.Hardy@Colostate.edu)

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