17.634 Hacking on the Cartesian vision, KCL, 19 February

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         Subject: Hacking on the Cartesian vision, KCL, 19 Feb.

You are invited to a public lecture in the series:


Ian Hacking, (Chaire de philosophie et histoire des concepts scientifiques,
Collège de France, and University Professor, Philosophy, Toronto).
"The Cartesian Vision Fulfilled: Analog Bodies and Digital Minds"

Current intellectual wisdom, abetted by philosophers of all stripes,
teaches that the Cartesian philosophy is both wrong and dead. This wisdom
will be overtaken by events. Present and future technologies - ranging from
organ transplants to information coding, will increasingly make us revert
to Descartes's picture of two absolutely distinct types of domains, the
mental and the physical, which nevertheless constantly interact. We as
humans are constituted in both domains, and also must inhabit them. This is
less a matter of facts - for what a person is, is never simply a matter of
fact - than of how we will come to conceive of ourselves in the light of
the facts that will press in upon us.

17.30 Thursday 19th February 2004
Arthur & Paula Lucas Lecture Theatre (Room 2B18)
Strand Building, Strand Campus
King’s College London

All are invited to a reception following the lecture

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