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of Epistemology

edited by

I. Niiniluoto
Matti Sintonen
University of Tampere, Finland

Jan Wole=C5=84ski
Institute of Philosophy, Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland

The twenty-eight essays in this Handbook, all by leading experts in the=20
field, provide the most extensive treatment of various epistemological=20
problems, supplemented by a historical account of this field. The entries=20
are self-contained and substantial contributions to topics such as the=20
sources of knowledge and belief, knowledge acquisition, and truth and=20
justification. There are extensive essays on knowledge in specific fields:=
the sciences, mathematics, the humanities and the social sciences,=20
religion, and language. Special attention is paid to current discussions on=
evolutionary epistemology, relativism, the relation between epistemology=20
and cognitive science, sociology of knowledge, epistemic logic, knowledge=20
and art, and feminist epistemology. This collection is a must-have for=20
anybody interested in human knowledge, and its fortunes and misfortunes.

     * Foreword. Contributors. Introduction. The History of Epistemology; J.=
     * I: Sources of Knowledge and Belief. 1. Perception and Consciousness;=
R. Audi. 2. Testimony: Knowing through Being Told; E. Fricker. 3. Reason=20
and Rationality; R. Samuels, S. Stich, L. Faucher.
     * II: Knowledge Acquisition. 4. Learning Theory and Epistemology; K.=20
Kelly. 5. Scientific Discovery; M. Sintonen, M. Kiikeri. 6. Belief Revision=
from an Epistemological Point of View; S.O. Hanssen.
     * III: Truth and Justification. 7. The Analysis of Knowing; R. Shope.=20
8. Theories of Truth; M. David. 9. Realism; S. Haack. 10. Antirealism and=20
the Role of Truth; G. Sundholm. 11. Theories of Justification; M.=20
Lammenranta. 12. Belief and Acceptance; P. Weirich. 13. Induction; I.=20
     * IV: Epistemology and Areas of Knowledge. 14. Scientific Knowledge; P.=
Humphreys. 15. Mathematical Knowledge; R. Murawski. 16. Knowledge in the=20
Humanities and Social Sciences; J. Margolis. 17. Self-Knowledge; T.=20
Stoneham. 18. The Epistemology of Religious Belief; K. Yandell. 19.=20
Knowledge and Semantic Competence; K. Johnson.
     * V: Special Topics. 20. Naturalism and Evolutionary Epistemologies; M.=
Bradie. 21. Relativism; H. Siegel. 22. Analytic vs. Synthetic and A Priori=
vs. A Posteriori; J. Wole=C5=84ski. 23. Epistemology and Cognitive Science;=
Schmitt. 24. Sociology of Scientific Knowledge; D. Bloor. 25. Epistemic=20
Logic; W. Lenzen. 26. Knowledge and Art; D. Noviyz. 27. Feminist=20
Epistemology; K. Lennon.
     * Index of Names. Subject Index.

Hardbound ISBN: 1-4020-1985-8 Date: March 2004 Pages: 1064 pp.
EURO 350.00 / USD 385.00 / GBP 242.00

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