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         Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2004 08:48:38 +0000
         From: totosy@medienkomm.uni-halle.de
         Subject: call for contributions to Cultures of Atlantic Europe and
the New Partnership

Call for papers: Papers are invited for publication online and in hard-copy
in a collected volume, Cultures of Atlantic Europe and the New Partnership,
edited by Steven Totosy de Zepetnek
<http://clcwebjournal.lib.purdue.edu/totosycv.html> and Marcus Jurij Vogt.
The papers are to appear 1) as a thematic issue of CLCWeb: Comparative
Literature and Culture <http://clcwebjournal.lib.purdue.edu>, a
peer-reviewed, full-text, and public-access journal published by Purdue
University Press and 2) in a hard-copy collected volume in the Purdue
University Press series of Books in Comparative Cultural Studies
<http://www.thepress.purdue.edu/series/compstudies.asp> &
<http://clcwebjournal.lib.purdue.edu/ccs-purdue.html>. The publications are
a project following a conference held at the University of Halle-Wittenberg
5 February 2004 "Atlantic Europe or a Partnership Apart? / Europa in
Atlantica: Partnerschaft im Kontinentaldrift?"
Thematics: Historically, the process of European unification has been
supported and furthered in large measures by the USA since the 1950s and
Germany, in particular, has been a beneficiary in this process. The
US-American support of European unification and its process allowed for and
often aided the transformation of long-established historical reservations
into new and working partnerships between cultures and countries within
Europe and between Europe and the USA. About Iraq, the USA on the one hand
and France and Germany on the other hand demonstrated differences in opinion
and action. The question presents itself as to whether and in what measure
Europe would need US-American support and involvement in its process of
unification, including such within the context of international and global
affairs. Papers selected represent multi- and inter-disciplinary analysis
and discussion of transatlantic cooperation and partnership between
countries and cultures of the European Union and the USA in order to respond
to issues of current import constructively. The length of a paper is 5000
words, in the MLA: Modern Language Association of America format with
parenthetical sources and a works cited (but no footnotes or end notes): for
CLCWeb's style guide link to
<http://clcwebjournal.lib.purdue.edu/proced2.html>, for the CCS-Purdue
series style guide link to
<http://clcwebjournal.lib.purdue.edu/ccs-purdue.html>; when quoting text
other than English, quotes are presented in English translation with the
text of the source language following the English translation. A 200-word
abstract of the paper and a biographical abstract are also required: please
see examples of papers for the format of the abstract and the biographical
abstract in CLCWeb. Submission of papers is electronically only, in word by
attachment to <clcweb@purdue.edu> or <totosy@medienkomm.uni-halle.de> by 31
December 2004.

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