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Literary and Linguistic Computing -- Table of Contents Alert

A new issue of Literary and Linguistic Computing
has been made available:

November 2003; Vol. 18, No. 4

URL: http://www3.oup.co.uk/litlin/hdb/Volume_18/Issue_04/


Multivariate Analysis and the Study of Style Variation
David L. Hoover, pp. 341-360



Aspect Marking in English and Chinese: Using the Lancaster Corpus of
Mandarin Chinese for Contrastive Language Study
Anthony McEnery, Zhonghua Xiao and Lili Mo, pp. 361-378



Intertextual Distances, Three Authors
Thomas Merriam, pp. 379-388



Genre-specific Features of Translationese? Linguistic Differences between
Translated and Non-translated Finnish Children's Literature
Tiina Puurtinen, pp. 389-406



How Reliable is a Stemma? An Analysis of Chaucer's Miller's Tale
Matthew Spencer, Barbara Bordalejo, Peter Robinson and Christopher J. Howe,
pp. 407-422



Ngram and Bayesian Classification of Documents for Topic and Authorship
Ross Clement and David Sharp, pp. 423-447



The WATCHER Project: Building an Agent for Automatic Extraction of Language
Resources from the Internet
Kyriakos N. Sgarbas, George E. Londos, Nikos D. Fakotakis and George K.
Kokkinakis, pp. 449-464



Institutional Models for Humanities Computing
Willard McCarty and Matthew Kirschenbaum, pp. 465-489



G. E. Gorman (gen. ed.), ed. The Digital Factor in Information and Library
Services. International Yearbook of Library and Information Management
(IYLIM) 2002-2003
Reviewed by Maria Ines Cordeiro, pp. 491-493



Peter Brophy, Shelagh Fisher, and Zoë Clarke (eds), ed. Libraries Without
Walls 4-The Delivery of Library Services to Distant Users: Distributed
Resources. Proceedings of an international conference held on 14-18
September 2001, organized by the Centre for Research in Library and
Information Management (CERLIM), Manchester Metropolitan University
Reviewed by Aida Slavic, pp. 493-496



Helena Raumolin-Brunberg, Minna Nevala, Arja Nurmi, and Matti Rissanen
(eds), ed. Variation Past and Present: VARIENG Studies on English for
Terttu Nevalainen. Mémoires de la Société Néophilologique de Helsinki, LXI
Reviewed by Carole Hough, pp. 496-498



Thomas Burch, Johannes Fournier, Kurt Gärtner, and Andrea Rapp (eds), ed.
Standards und Methoden der Volltextdigitalisierung. Beiträge des
Internationalen Kolloquiums an der Universität Trier, 8-9 Oktober 2001
Reviewed by Dieter Köhler, pp. 498-500


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