17.606 Moblogging Jokkmokk 2004 Feb 5-7

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         Date: Wed, 04 Feb 2004 07:00:10 +0000
         From: "Patrik Svensson" <patrik.svensson@engelska.umu.se>
         Subject: Moblogging Jokkmokk 2004 Feb 5-7

Humanist readers might be interested in the blogging of a major Northern
Scandinavian cultural event. On Wednesday, Feb 4, HUMlab at Umeň
University in Sweden will send a team of four bloggers to the annual
399th winter festival/market in Jokkmokk in the North of Sweden (70 kms
north of the Artic circle). They will live blog this event until late
Saturday evening/night. The Jokkmokk winter market is a big cultural
manifestation, meeting place and commercial space. The first market was
arranged in 1605 as a result of a Royal Decree (for tax purposes
mainly). The market has a very clear Sßmi heritage/presence and a
grassroot cultural setting. Last year approximately 30,000 people

We are interested in exploring the affordances of the blog medium (not
least doing live, mobile and alternative multimedia/multitechnology
blogging) in this cultural context. The severe conditions up there will
certainly make the technology a bit of a challenge. We will set up a
wireless network with about 7-10 access points/repeaters (hopefully) and
we will use laptops, mobile phones, tablet pcs, cameras, video cameras,
gps, pda:s etc. The finale will be a concert on Saturday night when one
of the blog team members actually performs on the stage (he is a
didgeridoo player - and he will /possibly/ be blogging while playing).
The concert will be live streamed and narrated in the blog by the whole
team (and outsiders participating).

It is all about telling an interesting multi-perspective story,
exploring new technology/media and allowing sharing, exchange and
outside participation. The narrative construction draws upon elements of
art installation, documentary film, diary and the genre of road movie.
Questions that will be addressed include the conventions of the blog as
a medium, the affordances of live moblogging, the relation of space and
time, multi-author blogging and network writing, and the interrelation
of different types of expression (text, sms, voice, gps, pictures, film,
chat, voice chat etc.)

Web address: http://www.humlab.umu.se/jokkmokk2004/
Blog: http://blog.humlab.umu.se/jokkmokk2004/
Map: http://www.lonelyplanet.com/mapshells/europe/sweden/sweden.htm

The blog is still under construction and it will be started for real
when the team starts the six-hour drive North from Umeň Wednesday
evening (CET). We hope that some of you will be interested in following
this adventure!

HUMlab is a meeting place for the humanities and information technology
at Umeň University in the North of Sweden.


Patrik Svensson
HUMlab, Umeň University, Sweden
http://www.humlab.umu.se/patrik/ http://blog.humlab.umu.se/patrik/

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