17.607 new Humbul Topic: The Renaissance of Witchcraft Studies

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         Subject: New Humbul Topic: The Renaissance of Witchcraft Studies

New Humbul Topic: The Renaissance of Witchcraft Studies

The academic study of witchcraft has blossomed, particularly among social
historians. Most undergraduate history courses now include at least one
component on the subject of early modern witchcraft. The historical record
of accusations of, and trials for, witchcraft allow the exploration of a
myriad of issues such as: family relations; community conflict; elite and
popular divisions; gender relations; manuscript and textual studies;
confessional and political debate; and changing concepts of demonology and

Wanda Wyporska has brought together a range of resources across this field
of study revealing how the Internet can help the student or researcher of
witchcraft studies.

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