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         Date: Wed, 04 Feb 2004 06:57:36 +0000
         From: Chuck Bush <Chuck_Bush@byu.edu>
         Subject: ACH Election announcement

New Officers Announced for ACH

Five respected members of the Humanities Computing community have
been elected to serve in the leadership of the Association for
Computers and the Humanities. Lorna Hughes, from New York
University, will serve as President of the Association, succeeding
John Unsworth. Prof. Hughes has been a member of the ACH Executive
Council and was local host for the ACH/ALLC conference at NYU in
2001. Julia Flanders has been re-elected as ACH Vice President.
She is part of the Women Writers Project at Brown University and
spearheaded the ACH Mentoring Service and Jobs Database.

The ACH Executive Council welcomes three new members to serve
through 2007. Ray Siemens, Professor of English at Malaspina
University in Canada, moves to the Council from serving as ACH
Executive Secretary. He is joined by another Canadian, Stéfan
Sinclair, from the University of Alberta, where he is co-director of
the UofA Masters of Arts in Humanities Computing program. The third
new member of the Executive Council is Stephen Ramsay, an Assistant
Professor of English and Humanities Computing at the University of

ACH members will honor out-going president John Unsworth at a
general meeting in connection with the ALLC/ACH international
conference in June. Geoffrey Rockwell, Wendell Piez and Matt
Kirschenbaum will also be recognized, having completed their terms
on the Executive Council.

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