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Date: Wed Jun 18 2003 - 01:53:36 EDT

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             Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2003 06:47:46 +0100
             From: Bonnie Wilson <bwilson@cnri.reston.va.us>
             Subject: The June 2003 issue of D-Lib Magazine is now available


    The June 2003 issue of D-Lib Magazine (http://www.dlib.org/) is now available.

    In this issue there are five articles, several smaller features in D-Lib
    Magazine's 'In Brief' column, excerpts from recent press releases, and news
    of upcoming conferences and other items of interest in 'Clips and
    Pointers'. The Featured Collection for June is PapaInk: The Children's Art
    Archive, courtesy of Marc Feldman and Audrey Manring, PapaInk.

    The articles include:

    Visualizing Keyword Distribution Across Multidisciplinary C-Space
    Donald Beagle, Belmont Abbey College

    Google Meets eBay: What Academic Librarians Can Learn from Alternative
    Information Providers
    Anne R. Kenney, Nancy Y. McGovern, Ida T. Martinez, and Lance J. Heidig,
    Cornell University

    Trends in Use of Electronic Journals in Higher Education in the UK - Views
    of Academic Staff and Students
    Karen Bonthron, University of Edinburgh; Christine Urquhart, Rhian Thomas,
    David Ellis, Jean Everitt, Ray Lonsdale, Elizabeth McDermott, Helen Morris,
    Rebecca Phillips, Sin Spink, and Alison Yeoman, University of Wales
    Aberystwyth; and Chris Armstrong and Roger Fenton, Information Automation

    DOI: A 2003 Progress Report
    Norman Paskin, International DOI Foundation

    Understanding the International Audiences for Digital Cultural Content
    Paul Miller, UKOLN; David Dawson, Resource: the Council for Museums,
    Archives & Libraries; and John Perkins, CIMI Consortium

    D-Lib has mirror sites at the following locations:

    UKOLN, University of Bath, Bath, England

    The Australian National University Sunsite, Canberra, Australia

    State Library of Lower Saxony and the University Library of Goettingen,

    Universidad de Belgrano, Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan

    (If the mirror site closest to you is not displaying the June 2003 issue of
    D-Lib Magazine at this time, please check back later. There is a delay
    between the time the magazine is released in the United States and the time
    when the mirroring process has been completed.)

    Bonnie Wilson
    D-Lib Magazine

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