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Date: Thu Jun 19 2003 - 05:17:53 EDT

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             Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2003 10:03:41 +0100
             From: Magali Jeanmaire <duclaux@ELDA.FR>
             Subject: ELRA news - Call for Participation: ESTER campaign

                              Call for Participation:



    The aim of the ESTER campaign (l'Evaluation des Systèmes de Transcription
    enrichie d'Emissions Radiophoniques / Evaluation of automatic broadcast news
    transcription systems) is to promote the evaluation of speech processing
    for the French language, to establish a permanent evaluation infrastructure
    and to
    disseminate, as widely as possible, the information and the resources
    acquired in
    the campaign. The ESTER campaign forms part of the EVALDA project and is funded
    by the French Ministry of Research in the context of its Technolangue

    In the context of the ESTER campaign, the transcriptions are to be
    annotated with
    additional and associated information such as speaker turns, named entities
    etc. On the
    one hand, such an enriched transcription aims to provide an orthographic
    of an audio signal and on the other hand, a structured representation of an
    audio document
    enabling information extraction from audio files. The aim of evaluating the
    quality of the
    associated annotations, along with the evaluation of the orthographic
    transcriptions, is to
    establish a reference or benchmark of present performance levels of each
    component of
    an indexation system whilst also providing an idea of overall system


    Research and development centres, public or private, wishing to take part
    in the ESTER
    campaign are invited to make themselves known to the campaign organisers
    (see below)
    in order to register as participants. On registering as a participant and
    signing an end-user
    contract, you will receive the data available for Phase 1 of the campaign.
    The contract will be
    sent to you after declaring your interest in the campaign.

    Those participating in the ESTER campaign will receive the
    training/development/test data free of charge (providing results obtained
    during the evaluation campaign are returned). The data provisionally
    available for distribution are listed below:

    - Le Monde: 1997- 2002
    - MLCC: Transcriptions of debates from the European Parliament (1992-1994)
    - France Inter: 25 hours of transcribed broadcast news
    - Radio France International (RFI): 15 hours of transcribed broadcast news

    Participants that return results for the obligatory evaluation tasks are
    permitted to keep the data mentioned above, for no additional cost.

    For more information on the project and the timetable, please consult the
    project website:


    The ESTER campaign forms part of the EVALDA project under the aegis of the
    Association Francophone de la Communication Parlée (AFCP) with the support
    of the Délégation Générale de l'Armement (DGA) and ELDA (Evaluation and
    Language resources Distribution Agency).

    Contacts :

    Guillaume Gravier, IRISA (ggravier@irisa.fr)
    Jean-François Bonastre, AFCP (Jean-francois.bonastre@lia.univ-avignon.fr)
    Edouard Geoffrois, DGA/CTA (edouard.geoffrois@etca.fr)
    Kevin McTait, ELDA (mctait@elda.fr)

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