[tei-council] namespaces and customization

Martin Holmes mholmes at uvic.ca
Sun Dec 18 22:28:16 EST 2011

That's a very good question. Personally, I wouldn't have thought that 
customizing an existing element would require moving it to a new 
namespace -- unless you changed it beyond all recognition, but in that 
case I would have thought giving it a new name would make more sense. 
Surely just adding tei:eg to att,typed wouldn't require moving it out of 
the tei: namespace?


On 11-12-18 03:28 PM, Kevin Hawkins wrote:
>    From reading chapter 23 of the Guidelines, I'm unclear on whether you
> are supposed to define a new namespace for every element or attribute
> affected by an unclean customization.  I don't see it explicitly stated,
> but it sounds that way.  For example, in section,<tei:eg>  is
> modified to add it to att.typed, but as I understand it, the element
> then moves into a new namespace (http://example.com/ns).  So each
> instance of<eg>  should actually be<myNamepsace:eg>  instead of
> <tei:eg>.  Is that right?
> Furthermore, I see this sentence in section 23.2.2, after a discussion
> of definining a namespace:
> "Similar methods may be used if a modification (clean or unclean) is
> made to the content model or some other aspect of an element, or if it
> declares a new element."
> In what cases would you define a new namespace for a clean customization
> of an element?
> --Kevin

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