[tei-council] opener/closer/signed/salute/dateline etc

Paul F. Schaffner PFSchaffner at umich.edu
Tue Dec 6 19:19:57 EST 2011

As I was bulling my way through all those thousands of openers
and closers last week, and bearing in mind the recent discussions
of signed and salute on the TEI-Council list, I tried to write
a succinct description of how we use the div.top and div.bottom
tags as well list a number of frequent problem cases. This being
me, of course it ended up neither succinct nor definitive, but
such as it is, and perhaps for purposes of discussion (in case
others are doing things very differently), here it is:


I've also copied this to the Council list, simply FYI.

And included yet another florilegium of openers and closers.


ps I should perhaps also have mentioned that we use EPIGRAPH for both
div-opening and div-closing quotations. And many other quirks.

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