[tei-council] Constraints on idno/@type attribute values

Martin Holmes mholmes at uvic.ca
Sat Nov 26 14:29:40 EST 2011

p5odds.odd seems to have this:

<elementSpec ident="idno" mode="change">
	<attDef mode="replace" ident="type">
	  <valList type="closed">
	    <valItem ident="doi"><gloss>Digital Object Identifier</gloss></valItem>
	    <valItem ident="ISBN"><gloss>International Standard Book 
	    <valItem ident="url"><gloss>any form of web address</gloss></valItem>

which says that idno/@type cannot be "DOI", it must be "doi" (and also 
that it must be "url" instead of "URL"). Is this what caused my recent 
change to break the build, and if so, is everyone OK with my changing it?


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