[tei-council] P5 use of rend in examples

stuart yeates syeates at gmail.com
Sun Nov 20 03:06:56 EST 2011

On 12/11/11 12:12, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> On 11 Nov 2011, at 22:30, Stuart A. Yeates wrote:
>>> <cards place="ontable">well, I admit I _do_ think we, the TEI, should recommend and support
>>> a standard vocabulary for obvious uses of @rend, and that the words
>>> we use should be drawn from CSS</cards>
>> Certainly, so long as they're "obvious" in print, braille and
>> text-to-voice in ways that don't privilege English over, say,
>> Japanese, Māori and American Sign Language.
> Sorry, you're going to have to unpack that for me. @rend describes
> what we see in the original.  So we _know_ we will meet
> bold, italic, small caps, etc, so I suggest we use values from
> CSS to describe those. I really don't see how this relates
> to the sign language users.

[I'd like to replace American Sign Language in my earlier example with 
New Zealand Sign Language. I made up the example on the spot and had 
forgotten ASL wasn't an "official" language.]

Your question contains the genesis of the answer: "…we see in the 
original…" embodies your assumption that original is a written source 
text rather than a spoken, sung or signed one.

The issue will significantly more important as signwriting enters 
Unicode, see http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-slevinski-iswa-2010-00

This is a more than hypothetical question at VUW, because we have 
scholars working on things such as http://nzsl.vuw.ac.nz/


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