[tei-council] signed/list

Paul F. Schaffner PFSchaffner at umich.edu
Fri Nov 18 19:02:21 EST 2011

This inconsistency is one that I of course have drawn attention
to in the past, but I'd point out that though the examples
of 'narrow' signed are more numerous than those of 'broad'
signed in the guidelines,

  -- the example actually attached to the element definition
     is of the broad variety, which to my mind gives it far
     more weight.

  -- the prose definition, murky as it is, seems much more
     suited to the broad than to the narrow interpretation:
     i.e. "the closing salutation, etc." -- it doesn't even
     mention the *name* of the person. If anything, it would
     seem to describe the 'yours truly' rather than the 'J. Smith,'
     and certainly not the latter at the expense of the former.

  -- the tag is so old, and so common, that narrowing it at
     all would break half the TEI documents in the world. And
     much more than half of ours.

  -- to be honest, the 'narrow' definition just doesn't make
     any sense to me, for reasons I have explained before,
     and virtually impossible to apply. That, at any rate,
     is why I stopped trying, went the broad way,
     and added <list> to make it more consistent with the facts
     on the ground.


On Fri, 18 Nov 2011, Lou Burnard wrote:

> Looking at the examples of <signed> in the Glines, they seem a bit 
uncertain as to whether the <signed> is meant to include
-- just the name of the person signing
-- the formulaic phrase forming part of it
-- both things together

For example

<signed>Thine to command <name>Humph. Moseley</name>

is inconsistent with

   <salute>Sincerely yours,</salute>


    <salute>Yours more than my own,</salute>
    <signed>Clarissa Harlowe</signed>

Since there are more of the latter than the former, I think the former 
should be corrected to match. Which in turn means that I would much 
rather see the content of <signed> narrowed down to include only 
model.nameLike vel sim., and this example tagged as follows

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