[tei-council] Minutes TEI-ed

Martin Holmes mholmes at uvic.ca
Mon Nov 14 00:06:16 EST 2011

I just TEI-ed the minutes on the plane from Montreal to Vancouver. 
Tomorrow I'll put them into the TEI CMS, and see what breaks.

I rationalized the structure so that everything is properly nested (days 
divided into mornings and afternoons, ams and pms divided into topics, 
etc.), and I've fixed a pile more typos and other cockups we hadn't 
caught yet. I'd taken as my example markup the last set of minutes from 
August, but they turned out to be from a short telco, so I had to guess 
at how to mark everything up in the end, because that blasted TEI has 
fifty different ways of doing the same thing. So there may be some XSLT 
between now and actual publication on the site.

Should I then make a list of all the tasks assigned to each person, or 
can I leave it up to everyone to search for their initials and make a 
list of their own tasks?


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