[tei-council] surfaces, surfaceGrps, etc. [was : minutes/release deadline]

Piotr Bański bansp at o2.pl
Sun Nov 13 16:17:28 EST 2011

On 13/11/11 21:35, Lou Burnard wrote:
> If you don't like the idea of an attribute (I don't much) I have three 
> other suggestions:
> 1. Enforce somehow a rule which says that you can only have one coord 
> system in a given hierarchy of surfaces, and it is the one given by the 
> element at the root of that hierarchy (which will be either a surface or 
> a surfaceGrp or conceivably a sourceDoc). This involves no change to the 
> existing schema, but does require some careful rewriting and some 
> special case rules.

This one seems to me the neatest, though it also seems to me that it
should end at the last() ancestor surface|surfaceGrp, not higher (?).

I tried to find today a compelling argument for the direct nesting of
<surface>s, having recalled Elena's initial objections to that. Do I get
it right that it arises from 'un-sugaring' <patch>, or from the
functional equivalence of a single <surface> with <surfaceGrp>, or both,



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