[tei-council] P5 use of rend in examples

Kevin Hawkins kevin.s.hawkins at ultraslavonic.info
Sat Nov 12 17:29:18 EST 2011

Hi everyone,

You all were quite busy while I was traveling back from Paris and then 
catching up on my day job.

A few comments on this thread:

On 11/11/11 8:09 AM, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> On 11 Nov 2011, at 11:05, Lou Burnard wrote:
>>> I'd make 4 observations:
>>>    - we should normnalize the it vs italics
>> I disagree. (and why leave "ital" behind?)
> so far the "voting" on this is 3:1, would others like to support Lou's
> (perfectly defensible) view?

I support the three who argue that most every reader of the Guidelines 
is confused when we are inconsistent in the use of attribute values.  So 
while I think it's fine for the Guidelines to say that you can use any 
vocabulary for an attribute like @rend, the examples should be 
consistent when such use is incidental rather than central to the 
current discussion at hand.

>>>    - I think the 'align(center) case(allcaps)' notation, which I think is Syd B's, is cute but misleading
>>>       in this day and age, as it has not gain any traction or widespread implementation
>> but it is very specific to Syd's project which has invested quite a bit
>> of time and effort, however wrong-headed you may think it, in supporting it
> yes, exactly. all power to Syd, but since its a not a widely-adopted paradigm,
> is it sensible to expose it here?

Right, I think we should rewrite these.

> <cards place="ontable">well, I admit I _do_ think we, the TEI, should recommend and support
> a standard vocabulary for obvious uses of @rend, and that the words
> we use should be drawn from CSS</cards>

On use of CSS in @rend and @rendition, see


You'll see that we leave spaces in our attribute values to make them 
more readable.


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