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Piotr Bański bansp at o2.pl
Fri Nov 11 13:39:00 EST 2011

Hi Council,

At some point during the meeting, in the evening or at lunch, we had a
short conversation about BaseX and eXist, with the overall sentiment
that I seemed to detect being that only eXist counts for heavy-duty use,
while BaseX is a tool of a different profile (Martin's words, I
believe). Because I have met with a completely opposite opinion on the
scalability and efficiency of the two, and it came from more than one
source and from people who are not new to this (no no, not BaseX
developers), and because one of the arguments in our conversation seemed
to be that eXist supports XQuery 3.0 while BaseX does not, I started
wondering how much of this opinion is PR-based, in the sense that when
one tool works well, there is no need to try another and it's easy to
assume things about that other one, because there's never enough time to

So just for your information, here's a brief description of the latest
version of BaseX that I've just received. It doesn't contain any link,
so here it goes: http://basex.org/. (There's a personal agenda here,
too: I intend to use BaseX for two new projects, so apart from adding to
that past conversation, I am also probing for comments or criticism,
especially that it seems like it won't be biased *towards* the tool, and
it's good to look at both ends).



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Dear list,

we have just released a new maintenance release of BaseX, which
contains the following features and updates:

- Stemming support for Japanese text corpora
  (thanks to Toshio HIRAI!)

- Updated start scripts (thanks to Ralf Jung!)
- System property "org.basex.path" added to specify
  project's home directory (thanks to malamut2!)

- Numerous minor XQuery 3.0 enhancements and fixes
- Fix for db:optimize() calls (thanks to Martin Hillert!)

- Fix to retain newly introduced namespaces
  (thanks to Laurent Chevalier!)

- Default privileges for new users set to "none"
  (thanks to Pascal Heus!)

- query base URI for evaluated queries is now $HTTPPATH
  (thanks to Florent Georges!)

We recommend all of you to switch to the latest version.. Have fun,

BaseX Team
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