[tei-council] Fwd: Re: Notes on chapter 11 (part one)

Lou Burnard lou.burnard at retired.ox.ac.uk
Thu Nov 10 07:39:57 EST 2011

On 10/11/11 12:15, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> I am with Gabby. the varying use of "it", "i", "italics"  in @rend values just looks sloppy to me.
> I am sure our readers don't have the degree of sophistication which I think Lou assumes - they'll
> take what they see as a recipe, no more no less.
> --

you guys are SO predictable! (I expect you think I am too)

Just to prove the point, no I don't think we should impose a bogus 
uniformity on the @rend values used throughout the Guidelines examples. 
I say "bogus" because there is no consensus as to what values we should 
propose and plenty of evidence that different projects choose to make 
their own rules on the matter. So the Glines really ought to demonstrate 
that there is a variety of practice in the matter.

The implication that our readers are too unsophisticated to understand 
this is particularly objectionable. Maybe you'd like P6 to be rewritten 
in Basic English with all the big words taken out too?

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