[tei-council] @source and @version for versioning an ODD

Kevin Hawkins kevin.s.hawkins at ultraslavonic.info
Sat Nov 5 16:00:44 EDT 2011

Syd helped me out with my problems here, so I have started a wiki page 
with what he taught me, plus my question below about att.translatable:


I've also created a feature request to incorporate this info into P5:



On 10/20/11 7:33 PM, Kevin Hawkins wrote:
> When Sebastian announced P5 1.7.0, he made mention of this change:
>    * 2010-05-08 : add new source attribute and revise datatype of
> existing version attributes for consistency
> It was, as I recall it and as I find in passing reference in another
> SourceForge ticket, designed to allow us to tie an ODD to a particular
> version of P5.
> So while both attributes are now included in P5 with brief attribute
> descriptions:
> http://www.tei-c.org/release/doc/tei-p5-doc/en/html/ref-att.readFrom.html
> http://www.tei-c.org/release/doc/tei-p5-doc/en/html/ref-TEI.html
> http://www.tei-c.org/release/doc/tei-p5-doc/en/html/ref-att.translatable.html
> <== By the way, should the datatype be changed to data.version and the
> note revised?
> I can't find any documentation on how to use them in an ODD.  I thought
> I would start with the SourceForge ticket that this was implemented, but
> I can't find it through keyword searching of any kind.  Can't even
> figure out how to search either SourceForge by date that a ticket was
> closed or search Subversion by date of commit of a change in order to
> find out more.
> Could someone point me in the right direction?
> And would someone be willing to write some documentation for P5 on these
> attributes?
> --Kevin
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