[tei-council] Ticket triage : greenery

Martin Holmes mholmes at uvic.ca
Thu Nov 3 15:07:09 EDT 2011

On 11-11-02 02:53 PM, Lou Burnard wrote:

> And here are the 15 "feature request" tickets in the GREEN category:
> 3408683	hyphenation section doesn't reference pc at force

Agree. I've suggested some wording on the ticket.

> 3293070	enhancement of notes and examples in ref-del


> 3282689	replace 'file' with 'document'

Agree cautiously -- see my comment on the ticket.

> 3266021	dictionary entires with a single sense


> 3263971	inheritance of @xml:lang

Agree, with Lou's wording.

> 3210946	examples for digital facsimile

Disagree to some extent. See my comment on the ticket.

> 3064014	provide suggested values for rs at type

Agree, especially with the need to remove multiple values used for the 
same purpose in the examples (org, organization), which is pernicious.

> 3051750	choice of schema language when using the TEI	

This is two issues. I agree that there needs to be some helpful 
discussion of the three main schema types, but I think a separate ticket 
needs to be spun off where we can discuss how to handle and explain 

> 3041605	update list of Council members

Agree -- but as Kevin says, where are lists of previous Council 
membership available?

> 3415411	Split certainty/precision/respons from model.glossLike

Agree (although there may be some backwards-compatibility issues when we 
remove elements from model.glossLike).

> 3296398	add hi to figDesc

Needs discussion; the ticket is not clear (see my comment).

> 3284811	att.internetMedia's @mimeType should get data.word+ datatype

Agree with Lou's final minimal implementation.

> 3275613	make textLang usable in bibliographies


> 3046288	allow f to contain pcdata



> Some of these have already been agreed but are waiting for a bit of
> editorial work.
> Could you please take a rapid look down the list and shout at once if
> you disagree with my assessment? Other things being equal, I will take
> silence over the next 24 hours concerning any of these tickets as a
> licence to go ahead and do what it says on the ticket. As, of course,
> should anyone else keen to do some ticket closing.
> A list of AMBER and RED tickets will follow tomorrow... these are ones
> for which I think we should aim to reserve some discussion time in Paris.
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