[tei-council] Budget and Cost Saving for next year

Piotr Bański bansp at o2.pl
Wed Nov 2 11:21:04 EDT 2011

Speaking of budgeting for a programmer -- I realise and agree that Roma
is a priority, but let me also remind you of TEI XPointer schemes,
which, in the years since they were put into the Guidelines, got
implemented exactly *nowhere*. The closest implementation of the
'native' XPointer seems to be that in libxml2, which could be considered
a point of departure for implementing the TEI proposals, but a very
clever programmer whom I attempted to cajole into taking care of that,
after looking at the code and posting some bug reports on gnome
bugzilla, decided that the entire xpointer.c is so broken that it needs
a rewrite from scratch. It only suffices for the simplest uses.

Hmm, I should put that on the whiteboard for the LingSIG, but the issue
is definitely larger than LingSIG.


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