[tei-council] Unused parts of TEI P5 source

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Wed Nov 2 10:53:11 EDT 2011

In the directory Source/Specs in TEI P5 on Sourceforge there are  a slew of elements, macros
and classes which are not being used. I list them below.

In order to avoid confusion of poor innocents like me who
regularly search by directories of files, I have moved all these
aside to a new directory called Specs-Unused. If people feel
I should just zap them, or move them off to a galaxy far far away,
thats OK too. 

Any worries? old favourites you could swear blind we still had?

TEI.analysis.xml		format.xml
TEI.certainty.xml		hand.xml
TEI.corpus.xml			macro.anyGML.xml
TEI.dictionaries.xml		macro.glossSeq.xml
TEI.drama.xml			model.divPart.stage.xml
TEI.elementNames.xml		model.encodingPart.xml
TEI.extensions.dtd.xml		model.headerPart.xml
TEI.extensions.ent.xml		model.inter.spoken.xml
TEI.figures.xml			model.xmlPhrase.xml
TEI.fs.xml			orgDivn.xml
TEI.general.xml			orgTitle.xml
TEI.linking.xml			orgType.xml
TEI.mixed.xml			page.xml
TEI.msdescription.xml		persEvent.xml
TEI.names.dates.xml		persState.xml
TEI.nets.xml			persTrait.xml
TEI.prose.xml			step.xml
TEI.spoken.xml			teifsd.xml
TEI.tagdocs.xml			tr.xml
TEI.terminology.xml		trans.xml
TEI.textcrit.xml		vername.xml
TEI.transcr.xml			version.xml
TEI.verse.xml			vol.xml
att.authorialIntervention.xml	watermarks.xml
col.xml				witList.xml
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