[tei-council] Our next f2f, news, etc.

Piotr Bański bansp at o2.pl
Mon Oct 17 10:23:37 EDT 2011

Heartfelt hurray to James, but do I understand correctly that your term
actually ends Dec 31? I was sure, when we talked in Würzburg, that you
remain the chair for the F2F meeting and somewhat beyond. Don't chicken
out on us, that's not your style :-)

Not that I have anything against James -- I concur with the choice of
him as the next Chair, and would have voted for him, given the chance,
which I sadly never got.

Wouldn't it be nice to ask the Board to delegate the task of appointment
of the Chair to the Council, in the future? We sort of know one another
and certainly are able to assess someone's work, from inside, as it were.

Did the Board give the power of vote to subscribers, at last, btw,
anyone know?



On 16/10/11 16:17, Laurent Romary wrote:
> Hi all,
> For those who were in another planet (outside Würzburg, no Twitter at hand, etc.) let me welcome Paul Schaffner and Rebecca Welzenbach as new members (as of 1 Jan 2012) of our beloved and efficient council.
> The board has also appointed James Cummings as our (well your ;-)) next council chair, having myself finished my second term. Congrats!
> As to our next meeting could you all confirm to me who is participating physically (Seb will be available remotely) and who will be have to be refunded through the consortium (as opposed to expenses covered by their institutions)?
> Thanks in advance,
> Laurent
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