[tei-council] agenda items

Unsworth, John M unsworth at illinois.edu
Sun Oct 2 20:50:22 EDT 2011


I expect that, in the business meeting at TEI MM 2011, we will need to discuss the following: 

1) announcement of election results  (15 minutes)
2) financial reporting (15 minutes)
3) discussion of changes to the membership model (30 minutes)
4) discussion of TEI priorities for the coming year (30 minutes)

We are scheduled for two hours in one place on the text of the meeting schedule, and for an hour and a half on the image version, both at


If we assume that we should try to conclude within an hour and a half, then the four agenda items above will already take that much time, unless we devote less time to some item--which is fine, but if you propose additional items, would you also propose where the time should come from?  

Also, if you have items that you would like the Board to discuss during its meeting on Sunday, I invite you to suggest those as well.  We have all day for that meeting, if we need it, so we'd be able to address more topics at greater length on Sunday.  

If you do have suggestions, please make it clear whether they are for Saturday's business meeting, or for Sunday's board meeting.  



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