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Sat Oct 1 13:12:25 EDT 2011

Just because I had the bad idea to spend the day on water and unpiling only now. You got it right Piotr. That's what I meant, and I don't care so much about lawyers. (see where doing things legally right brought us this summer, lol (with a d)).

Le 1 oct. 2011 à 10:50, Piotr Bański a écrit :

> The formulation still lacks, and of course, applying e.g. a software
> license to documentation, or vice versa, would be a bad move. I
> understand that Laurent wanted to handle the grey area in some special
> way: some say schemas are software, some say they are
> documents/documentation (and the weirdness of the choice is caused by
> the lack of appropriate legal formulations and precedents, it seems).
> So, if I understand Laurent correctly, he wanted to say: if you use e.g.
> schemas "as software" and want to redistribute them in software
> environment, choose BSD. If you use them as documentation and distribute
> them bundled with other pieces of documentation, choose a documentation
> license. And yes, the licensee would have a choice here. Note that I
> don't know if this is OK with all the lawyers in the world, I'm just
> saying that it looks like a sensible attempt to move one step forward in
> this. I think a lawyer or two should see this before it's finalized.
> Let me repeat from a previous e-mail: combining licenses is bad --
> instead offer a choice to the licensee. Once they make it, they will
> have to redistribute under only the license that they have chosen, as
> far as I understand this process. This way it's never that both are
> applicable at once, because indeed, that would be nonsensical.
> So, to wrap up: like Lou said, clear cases should go into clear
> categories, and like Laurent suggested (as I understand him) the grey
> area (still not fully defined, mind you) should give the licensee a
> choice, pending some legal or de facto developments.
> Best,
>  P.
> On 01/10/11 10:29, Lou Burnard wrote:
>> Not sure if I have a vote or not, but I would just like to say that it 
>> is not up to the licensees to decide which licence applies, surely. It 
>> is up to the TEI to say : "text etc" is licenced under CCBY, and 
>> "software etc" is under BSD2 (minus the stupid clause). And we have an 
>> outstanding task to decide which bits go into which category.
>> Or is the vote to say that both are applicable to everything? That seems 
>> nonsensical.
>>  kOn 01/10/11 08:46, Laurent Romary wrote:
>>> My count says: LR, PB, SR, SAY, EP, BB
>>> This is just one enough, but would like to have a hint from the others that they would not get completely depressed if we go in this direction. As we know, a majority may not reflect a shared opinion...
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>>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>>> Council. I would definitely like to follow Gabriel on this and ask the
>>>>>>> council to vote on the following statement (I know someone will find
>>>>>>> optimal en words afterwards):
>>>>>>> The council recommends adopting a double license combining BSD-2 and
>>>>>>> CC-BY whereby people who want to re-use text or data-like TEI-content
>>>>>>> should use CC-BY, and those who want to use the
>>>>>>> code and software-like content should use BSD-2.
>>>>>>> +1 LR
>>>>>> +1 SAY
>>>>> +1
>>>> +1 BB
>>>> Brett
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