[tei-council] P5 source, modifying class atts at the base level.

Laurent Romary laurent.romary at inria.fr
Fri Sep 30 09:52:31 EDT 2011

Just to answer this after a long day of unconnected meetings: I'm on James' line here. But yes my case may initially be simpler.

Le 30 sept. 2011 à 13:02, Sebastian Rahtz a écrit :

> On 30 Sep 2011, at 10:31, Laurent Romary wrote:
>> On the contrary, we know since a while that we aim at achieving the same behavior for TEI internal and TEI external specs... (motto is: "less magic!")
> I agree with you about desirable aim. Lou is, however, broadcasting a not-unreasonable concern over the very essence
> of the process. If you buy into that (which I don't) then it blows your idea out of the water.
> but still, your example to me on Tuesday _is_ much simpler and  can be regarded as a bug in processing. Its less
> clear that James' abbr/@type is a bug report or not.
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