[tei-council] empty elements revisited

Gabriel Bodard gabriel.bodard at kcl.ac.uk
Thu Sep 29 06:32:46 EDT 2011

That's true, and that's possible already, of course. Two responses to that:

1. This was also true of gap and space and other elements, and we agreed 
that being able to use the relative XPath content of @match to point to 
a parent element was nonetheless extremely useful. (Indeed, for at least 
one project I know of it is invaluable, because generating and keeping 
stable @xml:ids turned out to be a *very hard* problem in an assisted 
editing environment.) I really really like being able to use 
<certainty/> et al. contextually rather than as stand-off.

2. Maybe therefore combining certainty/precision with model.glossLike 
wasn't so wise after all. (I note, for example, that the description of 
model.glossLike still says "groups elements which provide an alternative 
name, explanation, or description for any markup construct", which 
doesn't seem to cover certainty/precision very usefully.

Could I suggest that the solution is to create a new model for certainty 
and precision (and maybe respons?), which is itself a member of 
glossLike (so that it is available wherever glossLike is), but may be 
included on its own as well (e.g. within milestoneLike elements).


On 2011-09-28 18:53, Lou Burnard wrote:
> The trouble with this is that once you allow model.glossLike elements in
> general you open the door to all sorts of crud.
> I imagine that young Stormageddon would throw a fit at the idea of
> having to process  e.g.
> <lb><desc>This is a line break I want to discuss for some bizarre
> reason</desc></lb>
> and I think I would agree with him.
> Wouldn't your use case be better met by a stand-off solution? i.e. why
> not do
> <lb xml:id="n13"/><certainty cert="low" target="#n13" locus="location"/>
> On 28/09/11 18:16, Gabriel Bodard wrote:
>> A couple years ago we had a discussion about adding certainty and
>> precision to model.glossLike, so that empty elements such as gap and
>> space could take these as children, and so take advantage of the use of
>> relative XPath in @match. (Discussion was here:
>> http://purl.org/TEI/FR/2862151 --we agreed also to allow glossLike
>> inside space.)
>> At the time, although not, I see, in the ticket, I also argued for
>> glossLike to be allowed inside milestoneLike elements such as tei:lb,
>> but I guess I didn't convince anybody, perhaps because I didn't have a
>> compelling use-case to hand.
>> I now do.
>> We want to be able to express low certainty about a line-break, and
>> there are, of course, many aspects of the lb element and it's attributes
>> about which we might be less certain. Wouldn't it be lovely to be able
>> to do the following:
>> <lb n="13"><certainty cert="low" match=".." locus="location"/></lb>
>> All perfectly canonical, except that tei:lb can't contain glossLike
>> elements. Would anyone be offended by this suggestion (or have other
>> ways of encoding this information that make my proposal redundant)?
>> Cheers,
>> G
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