[tei-council] Support for P4: Draft announcement.

Martin Holmes mholmes at uvic.ca
Wed Sep 28 11:07:31 EDT 2011

I didn't get a login or registration prompt. Should I go ahead and 
answer, since it's past 3pm in the UK?


On 11-09-28 07:34 AM, James Cummings wrote:
> On 28/09/11 14:46, Laurent Romary wrote:
>> Hi James,
>> Very good presentation text, but do we need to be registered to the survey monkey thing to actually answer?
>> Laurent
> No, you should not be prompted to register or anything like that.
> Why? Did you get such a prompt?  I've just tested in a couple
> browsers and not got a problem. You just follow the link, click
> 'Next' to go to the next page to fill in the survey, click 'Done'
> at the end. Registration at SurveyMonkey should not be required
> to fill in the survey. It does require javascript though, apologies.
> OUCS has an 'unlimited' (but not 'professional') account at
> surveymonkey and it is this which I'm (ab)using to make the
> survey. I will make all the data available back to Council of course.
> -James
>> Le 28 sept. 2011 à 12:21, James Cummings a écrit :
>>> Dear TEI Council,
>>> Below is my draft message to TEI-L re: phasing out support for
>>> TEI P4. Any corrections appreciated by 3pm UK time.
>>> ====
>>> Dear TEI-L
>>> When the TEI Consortium released TEI P5 in November 2007 it
>>> promised 5 years of ongoing support for TEI P4. Support for TEI
>>> P4 will continue until November 2012.  As this is just over a
>>> year away the TEI Technical Council thought it should gradually
>>> phase out support for TEI P4 over this period. As a first step in
>>> this direction it has been suggested that we de-emphasize TEI P4
>>> on the website (e.g. by stopping search engines indexing it).
>>> Before proceeding with this we want to gauge how many
>>> ongoing/active projects there might be out there still using TEI
>>> P4 and so have set up the following survey:
>>> http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/2N95CY5
>>> This collects some information we will use to assess how much TEI
>>> P4 is still being used and what steps we should take in phasing
>>> out its support. It also collects some additional information
>>> potentially of use to the TEI Technical Council. TEI P4 has,
>>> since the publication of TEI P5, been considered deprecated and
>>> since then we have encouraged use of TEI P5 by new projects. Even
>>> if you have never used TEI P4, only TEI P5, we would appreciate
>>> you filling in the survey so we can capture that (negative
>>> results are indeed results in this case).
>>> Many thanks,
>>> -James
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