[tei-council] Fwd: TEI licensing issues

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Mon Sep 12 16:59:01 EDT 2011

Scenario a): suppose we one day think we want to produce TEI Guidelines Pro version, with more
examples, better prose, etc., to sell for big bucks. If we had CC0-ed it all, someone
else could cut us out. 

Answer: well, we're not going to do this, are we? I feel we should keep the Guidelines 
pretty much money free, and make money with other services. if someone else wants to make
TEI Pro, good luck to them.

Scenario b): someone takes the whole Gidlines, mangles it around, and produces something
they call Real Text Encoding, which people confuse with TEI.

Answer:  if they do a better job, good luck to them. we should stand in their way with legal things?

Is anyone going to not get tenure, or fail to get a job, because the work they did on the TEI
Guidelines or something is narfed by someone else? That could happen under the current
regime, and our protection is our version control system and plagiarism detectors.

So I am finding it hard to see a disaster case from a blanket CC-by.

Maybe we in the TEI could set a good example to our users by dropping the dog-in-a-manger obsession
with controlling what people can do?
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