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Laurent Romary laurent.romary at inria.fr
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Even if I don't know when this message will go through (deep in the mountain where I am), I join my voice to Piotr's here. We nee to tell TEI users that we appreciate citation (like I said, forget about jurists (and bureaucracy) here, we speak about good practices).

Le 9 sept. 2011 à 15:16, Gabriel Bodard a écrit :

> I very much agree with Piotr's point here: keeping an attribution clause 
> on TEI output is not about enforcement or giving us the opportunity to 
> sue people if they forget to cite us, but just of generally expecting to 
> be cited and attributed. (By the same token, when would we ever enforce 
> a no-derivatives clause?)
> Multi-license ftw.
> G
> On 2011-09-09 14:03, Piotr Bański wrote:
>>>> That would mean public domain, which might be fine for the TEI-C in this
>>>> very context, though I'd say that at least the BY aspect is usually
>>>> worth keeping.
>>> can you imagine where we'd ever enforce it?
>> I wasn't thinking of this from the perspective of enforcement, I rather
>> thought of putting a TEI stamp there and merely expecting it to get
>> honoured and mentioned in attributions. As I said, public domain just
>> for the generated schemas doesn't sound very bad to me, but a copyright
>> + a permissive license (BSD, LGPL) somehow seems more fitting, though
>> let me stress that it's just my impression.
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