[tei-council] <licence>

Brett Barney bbarney2 at unlnotes.unl.edu
Fri Aug 26 13:43:47 EDT 2011

Howdy Martin,

Martin Holmes wrote on 08/26/2011 10:45:21 AM:

> Welcome to our world. I stare pretty much all day everyday at US
> spellings, especially in programming languages. :-) But it's not really
> US vs British; it's US vs British, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand,
> lots of Africa, India, and many other places too numerous to mention,
> isn't it? I think we probably outnumber you. ;-)

Yeah, OK; it was shorthand. I've just never been involved in a conversation
in which someone commented on the presence or lack of New Zealand spellings
in TEI.  And I've never laboured under the illusion that I was one of *any*
sort of majority--especially of the Council members as regards nationality.

> We could go for <lic> instead, but Merriam-Webster lists "licence" as a
> variant of "license", so I don't think it's too painful, is it?

Suppressing the urge to rant against Merriam-Webster (and appeals to
dictionaries :), I'll just respond to the question: As spelling-related
sensations go, what I feel for "licence" is moderately intense--somewhere
between "archaeology" and "aluminium."

To get serious, though, I think that I remember now the gist of Lou's
proposal: Exploit the fact that many of us share a spelling for the verb
form, naming the element <licensing>. That wouldn't do anything for
French-speakers, I'm sure, but I'm assuming that Laurent was just being


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