[tei-council] More questions on tcw21

Martin Holmes mholmes at uvic.ca
Tue Aug 23 08:37:47 EDT 2011

On 11-08-23 05:10 AM, Lou Burnard wrote:
> Thanks for the response so far to my posting yesterday about the Big
> Questions.  Here, as promised, are some more questions...
> 1. transcription units: we propose using<line>  <ab>  or<seg>. What
> guidelines should we offer about when to choose which, beyond the
> following:
>     -<seg>  can be used within the other two to delimit any kind of unit
>     -<line>  implies a topographic line of some kind
>     -<ab>  implies any kind of block, possibly but not necessarily
> containing multiple<line>s

I think we would need to clarify what it could possibly mean to have a 
block that does not contain lines. I don't really understand that 
myself, unless we're referring to edge-cases such as text written in a 
spiral or some other shape which doesn't naturally have line-breaks.

> 2. discussion of spanTo needs expansion. Some more real examples would
> help.
> 3. Should<metaMark>  possibly have a<desc>  child to describe it
> rather than relying on brief characterisation as attribute values?


> 4. The graphics included should all have proper citation
> information. Do we want so many? Can we find better (clearer) ones?

I'd say more rather than fewer graphics; they're the clearest way to 
illustrate what we mean. The fact that they're not all very clear is a 
realistic representation of the nature of the texts that this proposal 
deals with; by nature they're messy. Perhaps we could process the 
existing graphics to highlight the precise points of interest for any 
given point, and fade out the rest, to aid the reader.


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