[tei-council] genetic draft -- big questions

Pierazzo, Elena elena.pierazzo at kcl.ac.uk
Mon Aug 22 07:16:00 EDT 2011

Good morning Council.

>1. Is this draft headed basically in the right direction? If not, what
>are the essential things that must change in it?

I think you did a great job, Lou. Thanks a lot for this.

>> 2. Should we announce the existence of this draft (AS A DRAFT) to TEI-L
>> now, or do some more fiddling with it first?
>You just did, since our archives are public, but in the sense of making
>an announcement on TEI-L, I think we should wait until we're all happy
>with it.

I second Martin: there are a few "elephants" to discuss here before we can
formally involve the TEI-L.

>> 3. The draft still uses the name "<facsimile>" for the element which
>> contains an document-level tramnscription along with or independent of a
>> collection of images. The workgroup specifically said that they didn't
>> like this name, and it is also confusing for those who are accustomed to
>> the current P5 meaning for<facsimile>  . What name shall we use instead?
>> ("elephant" was what we said in Chicago, but I don't think that was a
>> serious suggestion).
>I'm still really uncomfortable with mixing the original intent of
><facsimile> with this new elephant; it seems to me to violate the
>separation of concerns. IMHO, <facsimile> should be restricted to
>defining surfaces and zones, and this genetic markup should be placed in
>a sibling element; and I still think that <diploma> is the best
>suggestion we had for a tag name.

As you know, I think that using <facsimile> is not an option. Nevertheless
a few things happened and I'm now much less inclined toward the name
<diploma>, namely I have spoken to the Medievalists: for them the word
'diploma' has a very distinctive meaning and doesn't meant at all 'a
document' but a 'very special type of document' and using it has no more
sense that using, say, 'charter' or 'letter'. My new proposal is now

Re Laurent proposal of a telco: sorry, can't make Friday as I will be on


>Thanks for all your work on this, Lou.
>> There are tons of things wrong with this draft as it currently stands,
>> and they won't get better without your help! I need better (clearer)
>> examples, I need confirmation that the prose makes sense, I need to be
>> quizzed about how the content models are supposed to work.
>> I'll post a second message listing some of the other specific questions
>> that struck me as I was producing this draft in a while...
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