[tei-council] genetic draft -- big questions

Lou Burnard lou.burnard at retired.ox.ac.uk
Sun Aug 21 14:59:21 EDT 2011

As promised, I have been keeping my nose to the grindstone and working 
on the genetic draft this weekend. You can see the current state of the 
document in ODD format in the svn repository (genetic/p5genetic.xml) 
which is where I am for the moment editing it. For simplicity, I have 
also put a snapshot of it in HTML format on the council's working area 
at http://www.tei-c.org/Activities/Council/Working/tcw21.html
though I don't guarantee to keep that quite so up to date.

What I need now is some sort of indication from the Council about the 
following BIG QUESTIONS.

1. Is this draft headed basically in the right direction? If not, what 
are the essential things that must change in it?

2. Should we announce the existence of this draft (AS A DRAFT) to TEI-L 
now, or do some more fiddling with it first?

3. The draft still uses the name "<facsimile>" for the element which 
contains an document-level tramnscription along with or independent of a 
collection of images. The workgroup specifically said that they didn't 
like this name, and it is also confusing for those who are accustomed to 
the current P5 meaning for <facsimile> . What name shall we use instead? 
("elephant" was what we said in Chicago, but I don't think that was a 
serious suggestion).

There are tons of things wrong with this draft as it currently stands, 
and they won't get better without your help! I need better (clearer) 
examples, I need confirmation that the prose makes sense, I need to be 
quizzed about how the content models are supposed to work.

I'll post a second message listing some of the other specific questions 
that struck me as I was producing this draft in a while...

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