[tei-council] TCM47 minutes

James Cummings James.Cummings at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Thu Aug 18 13:20:07 EDT 2011

Dear Council,

The first draft of the minutes of the Council conference all from 
yesterday are online at:


This merged the notes by Julianne and myself, and then we shared 
this with Lou and Laurent to check we weren't horribly 
misrepresenting things. However, any glaring errors are, of 
course, my own. We've summarized some aspects of the 
teleconference more concisely than others, and not always 
attributed comments when doing so partly because of my patchy 
note-taking (mea culpa).

Let me know if you have any minor corrections.  If you have major 
corrections or rewrites then feel free to take the XML file, 
re-edit and return to me (or anyone with access to TEI-C's 
OpenCMS). As the Council archives are open (and have been since I 
pushed for this in 2006¹) any changes should come in swiftly 
especially if I've said anything that is horribly inaccurate or 

Given that one of the things we want from the board is more 
transparency, if council haven't commented/corrected this in the 
next day or so, perhaps Laurent should announce the minutes to 
TEI-L. (I would have the board and council and even sigs always 
do this. I'd prefer to have more emails to ignore than have to 
actively remember to seek out what is going on. ;-) )


¹ See 
Though I note my opinion at the time was that tei-board shouldn't 
be open, but my highlighting of "_assume_" implies even then I 
was feeling there needed to be greater communication.
² I notice, btw that when I google for the words:TEI council 
archives, that this specific post from 2006 is the first hit! :-)

Dr James Cummings, InfoDev,
Computing Services, University of Oxford

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