[tei-council] @sortKey -- haven't we discussed this?

Martin Holmes mholmes at uvic.ca
Wed Aug 17 18:36:14 EDT 2011

I've just been looking at this ticket:

Add @sortKey to <bibl> - ID: 2984463

The last comment on it was 2010, we have discussed this recently (the 
end of May), and I think the consensus was that there was justification 
for creating a class att.sortable, to which <bibl>, <biblStruct>, 
<list*> and <msDesc> would belong, but I can't find any subsequent action.

Did we just lose track of this one? If so, I'm happy to create a 
fully-detailed feature request for att.sortable.


Martin Holmes
University of Victoria Humanities Computing and Media Centre
(mholmes at uvic.ca)

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