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This is a serious and sad moment, which follows a series of events that I for myself disagrees with. I had great faith in the vision that Martin Müller had for the TEI and his willingness to create a dynamics bringing various scholarly, but also industrial, communities together.
We now need to think this over and use all the energy, creativity, and fine understanding of what the TEI really is, that I have observed in all of you, to ponder upon our mission and how not to leave all our people in limbo. We need to maintain our implication at their service by continuous work on the TEI guidelines and infrastructure, but also think of the optimal framework that will prevent similar event to occur in the future.

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> Copied formally to Council at Sarah's request.
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> Subject: [TEI-L] Changes on the TEI Board
> To the TEI Council and larger community,
> As some of you may have heard, the TEI Board had a contentious conference call 
> last week, and the result was the Martin Mueller has resigned as Chair of the 
> Board.
> This occurred during a regular conference call last Thursday, August 11. Five 
> out of six voting members were expected to attend, but minutes before the Board 
> convened, one member apprised the Board via email that she would not be able to 
> attend. This meant that only four of the six voting members were present, which 
> still represented a quorum.  There were some difficulties in joining the 
> conference call, and one Board member arrived a few minutes late. Prior to the 
> meeting, a Board member requested a point of privilege via email, on a motion 
> of confidence in the Chair. The Chair absented himself from the meeting to 
> switch connections and another Board member moved for the vote of confidence 
> without discussion. It failed, with one vote expressing confidence in the Chair 
> and three against.  When the Chair returned he was apprised of the vote and 
> left the call.
> We realize that this may raise more questions & concerns than it addresses, and 
> we will send out a more detailed explanation to account for this event and to 
> outline our plans for finding a replacement. In the meantime, we are working on 
> an interim solution to stabilize the Board. We are continuing our conversations 
> on this list, and will hold a teleconference very soon.
> Sincerely yours,
> Sarah Wells
> TEI Secretary and Treasurer
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