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David Sewell dsewell at virginia.edu
Mon Aug 15 13:11:56 EDT 2011

Dear Council,

See the attached query from someone who wants to publish a Ukrainian translation 
of the TEI FAQ webpage on her blog. I asked for clarification on whether she 
also wanted to see it added to the official site and she replied, "I was 
thinking to place this translation on my own blog. I guess in this way my 
readers can easily find all materials they are interested in. As a donation into 
the TEI, I can put a link into my translation, when it is ready, to the original 
source of materials."

Assuming she will add a credit line indicating permission received from us, is 
this okay with everyone? If I hear no serious objections from anyone within a 
couple of days I will authorize this,


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I am interested in your publication http://www.tei-c.org/About/faq.xml and 
would like to translate it to my native language (Ukrainian), so Ii can share 
it with the readers on my blog. For doing that I need your written permission. 
Of course, I will credit you as an author and your webpage as the source. 
Certainly, I will be grateful if you do the same when I'll be done with 
The translation will be posted only on the Web, no print copies are planned. 
You can contact me by email or phone, you can leave a voice message and I will 
call you back, if you prefer a call instead of emails.

Alyona Lompar
+(360) 488-0303

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